Tours of Walker Hill

Prepare to step back in time. Not too long ago, life in the United States was lived much differently. Families didn’t go to the store to buy their everyday needs and online shopping wasn’t even a concept. Instead, the staples of life (milk, cheese, eggs, etc.) were produced at home.

Imagine getting up before dawn to milk the cows, or collecting eggs from the chickens in the evening. That was the lifestyle on a small dairy farm in the south… and the origins of Walker Hill.

Your personal tour of Walker Hill will include the following: 

  • Historic Homestead– built in 1867, the Walker Hill Historic Homestead is a picturesque glimpse of southern charm. The inside is reserved for meeting space as well as a private residence.  It is closed for museum tours, however, its exterior beauty is a timeless treasure.
  • Old Southern Dairy Barn– See & learn how a family milked cows and made dairy products
  • Vintage Farm Barns– Beside cows, other animals like horses and chickens were kept by families for eggs and meat. Those animals would be housed in these buildings.
  • Out House– Reminiscent of the days of yesteryear, before 1900 even the most affluent in society had an outhouse on premises.
  • Walker Hill Museum– This 15,000 sq. ft. museum houses a rare collection of exhibits that allows you to experience the 1900s through a myriad of perspectives.

Please allow 1 1/2 hours for a complete tour of Walker Hill’s exhibits and grounds. Walker Hill is open on weekdays by appointment only.  Please call us at 678-643-1796 to schedule your visit. Self-guided tours are available for a donation of $10 per person (10+ visitors), $15 per person (5-9 visitors), $20 per person (1-4 visitors).  Free admission for children under 5 with an adult admission.  Your tour includes a ride on the “Little Beauty” carousel as well as something special to remember your visit by.  Special group pricing available- call for pricing.