Walker Hill Museum

Tour the 1900s through this rare collection of exhibits and experience life from these key perspectives.

  • Communication– How did soldiers on the front lines of WWI communicate with their generals? How did a telephone transform from being at one fixed location to being portable and carried around everywhere? Witness the changes that have happened over the last century.
  • Life at home– What did families do in the evenings without television or the Internet? Imagine playing games or listening to a radio show where you had to visualize the show in your imagination.
  • Theatre– How did a theatrical production take place? Sound and light shows in the mid-1900s required creativity and flexibility to achieve the special effects and first class experience audiences expected.
  • Music– What came before the CD or digital music? Take a trip back to the era of LPs, 8-tracks, and cassettes.
  • Keyboard music– What was the dominant musical instrument of the early 1900s? The organ was featured in prominent homes and churches as a focal point of music. See some of the many types of organs, many of which required two hands and two feet to play.
  • Amusement– No visit to Walker Hill is complete without a ride on the “Little Beauty” Carousel

Please allow 1 1/2 hours for a complete tour of Walker Hill’s exhibits and grounds. Walker Hill is open by appointment only. Please call us at 678-643-1796 to schedule your visit. Self-guided tours are $20 per person (1-4 guests), $15 per person (5-9 guests), or $10 per person (10+ guests).  Your admission includes a ride on the “Little Beauty” Carousel as well as a little something extra to remember your visit.

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